What Are The Best Games of All Time?

If you were to take 10 seconds and tell me the best games of all time which ones would you pick? Before you answer that question, let’s talk a little about the history of gaming to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Video games go as far back as the 1970s when arcades were quite the rage. The first coin-op game was called the Galaxy Game and was built in September 1971 at Stanford University. The same year another arcade game called Spacewar was created.

One of the early games that some of us actually remember was called Pong which was built in 1972. It’s hard to believe that Atari sold 19,000 Pong machines and then began to realize there was a real market for them.

In 1978, the videogame market was really starting to take off. One of my personal favorites, Space Invaders was created that year which inspired many locations to start carrying coin-op machines. Some of these included restaurants, shopping malls, and even convenience stores. Space Invaders ended up selling over 360,000 machines. By 1982, it produced revenue of $2 billion in quarters.

In 1979 Namco’s Galaxian sold 40,000 cabinets in the United States alone. That same year Atari created Asteroids which sold over 70,000 machines and comes after game of http://www.moriartyslansing.com

By this time, the video game market was on fire! In 1981 the arcade videogame industry made $5 billion in North America. Then in 1982 they reached a peak at $8 billion. That is a lot of quarters! During 1982, the best games in the industry grossed more revenue than movies and pop music.download

Over time a lot of the best games including Pac-Man, Frogger, Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders made it to other consoles as well. Even to this date it is still possible to get some of these games for your current console or computer.

Online Casino Bonuses


Online casinos are a popular form of online gambling. They enable the gamblers to play and wager games through internet. Odds and payback percentages of online casinos are generally higher than land casinos. Blackjack, craps, roulettes and numerous other games can be played on online casinos. These casinos are broadly of 2 types; web-based casinos and download –only casinos.


Many casinobonuksets are offered to new customers. This boosts up the customers will to proceed. There are various other bonuses which are offered.

  • Welcome bonuses- welcome bonuses are offered on the first deposit made in the casino. They are sometimes offered on a particular type of game, say roulettes or craps.
  • Referral bonuses- this type of bonus is given to both referees and referrers. The referee gets a bonus when he opens an account and mentions his referrer. The referrer receives the bonus when the referee makes the deposit and start wagering.
  • Free spins- most the online casinos offer 10-100 free spins. Free spins mean that you can play a particular game for a specified number of rounds, free of cost.
  • Free money– many online casinos offer free money, which you can redeem by playing.
  • Non-cashable bonuses- many casinos offer these lucrative bonuses, which don’t require any deposit by the player in order to receive it.
  • Cashback or insurance bonuses– these bonuses are given out by casinos in the case of a loss. They amount to a particular percentage of the loss.


Now Play The No Deposit Casino In UK

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Among the casinos in UK, Titan Casino is the very popular casino which many players play. The best deal which this casino gives is the free slots to play rainbow riches or any other game. The players get to earn amount up to 5000 pounds which is the best deal because here neither an investment has to be made nor some cost has to be incurred on the registration. Now the game rainbow riches is one which is mostly played which has bright characters and symbols and has huge number of followers. This trend of playing the casino games both online and at the casino is quite at fervor with the players. Here they get an initial amount of 10 pounds while registration and this lets them earn amount up to 5000.