The Casinos Edge in the Rules of Blackjack

During my many years as a professional, I have many people who are satisfied players, but unfortunately the reality is very different. It is one of the most talked about topics, how to gain an advantage over its competitors in blackjack.

I think you know more than 90% of blackjack players do not know exactly where the casino has an edge in this wonderful game. The fact is that blackjack dealer! Try the blackjack dealer, and know where the house edge in the game and most of them do not know the answer.

I have many “strategies” of the players in their efforts to get the advantage because they think they have seen the benefits. Finally, the player can decide what to do, can not the dealer. The player can fold, make sure that divided and above all this, the player 3-2, when he gets a blackjack.

All of the above may be, of course, for the benefit of the players and this article refers to the advantage of the home and not in the strategies of the players, but I’ll give you a hint:

The absolute worst strategy that can be chosen are traders who always give 16 and below that mimic and stand on 17 or more!

Where exactly are the rules of Blackjack casino make money?

The reason I went through all this before saying the answer, because it does the same piece of derision by another, you need if you want to have some fun. Keep guessing a bit before giving the answer.

The solution to this problem can be found with two questions:

What happens when you have 18 and the dealer has 18? Easy – is a stand-off, and maintains its commitment.
And now the magic question:

What if? You and the dealer of band 22, 23, 24, 25 or 26

The answer to the above question is the solution of the problem in the onboard casino blackjack. Since blackjack rules state that the player’s hand is processed first, wins the casino if you tie the hands of bust.